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Not only for Native Americans: Trump’s rural voters fighting to keep their land from a growing web of pipelines
Yet Another Bad Idea: Dropping Facial Recognition Software Into Police Body Cameras
Universities are Hollywood's enforcers: Woman Busted For Pirating ‘Chicken Run’ Provides Food For Thought
RT @emptywheel: @durumcrustulum He either intentionally or accidentally botched it, tho, by swearing on a copy w/o the Bill of Rights. htt…
RT @emptywheel: Which is especially ironic bc John Brennan didn't take his D/CIA oath on a bible, but instead on the Constitution.
RT @birgittaj: When I post support of @xychelsea of whom I have profound & deep respect for, the haters rear their ugly heads. I will NOT l…
RT @mathbabedotorg: Q: how many people are in jail because they failed to pay bail of less than $500? Now we can find out.
FBI Insider Threat Program Documents Show How Little It Takes To Be Branded A Threat To The Agency
You foot the $15 Million Bill for the Dakota Access Pipeline's Private Army
RT @zeynep: Don't share gory pics. People have loved ones watching. Don't put panicked people on endless loop on TV. That's literally goal…
RT @buttpraxis: Millennials aren't to blame for the housing shortage. Rampant profiteering by developers is to blame for the housing shorta…
RT @josephfcox: New: DEA used malware that can log keystrokes, intercept emails, grab SMS, etc without laying out privacy risks https://t.c
Lessons left unlearned in Takata air bag scandal - Never rely on corporations to self regulate themselves
Thailand is losing the war on dissent, thanks to user notifications and HTTPS
These are the arguments against net neutrality — and why they’re wrong
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