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RT @_evictful: This gets even better, when you open it.
RT @PikaChulita: Why do y'all treat this guy like he was legendary?
RT @SkinnerSteven: "Bro, you want this pamphlet?" "Brochure"
RT @vicxkat: It’s pretty easy actually when you remember he’s a child predator
RT @JacDefarco: roses are red doritos are savory the US prison system is legalized slavery
RT @Think_Become: This Christmas advert has been banned from TV for being too political. I think what's happening to our rain forests shou…
RT @ChildhoodShows: My favorite part of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie
RT @VIEWSFROMJAY23: What the fuck did you just do to me
RT @UnoCincoUno: NFL really goofed b 😭😭
RT @BleacherReport: Jimmy is heading to Philly!
RT @lavalcarmel: My Job: You look like you don’t wanna be here rn. Me:
RT @702Austin: I told my coworker i was Ambidextrous and he said “That’s what up bro love who you love” LMFAOOOOOOO
RT @Tsquad907: He look like PS2 graphics
RT @bigdawgchino: Man played this character so well I hated him in real life
RT @a__shton: it’s november 1st yall know what time it is
You can tell a lot about a state from reading this. People in Wisconsin really consider cheese a candy??
@high_im_monte Wanna rt this so bad dawg
@seanDoHo He’s really making things happen
What’s Mason Ramsey up to these days?