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@from86 I didn’t realise you were in til I read your post as I got on the train home! Glad you enjoyed it and see you soon! X
@Alexisgerred Thanks for asking me pal!! Those low notes though 😜 who knew I could even get down there!! Can’t wait…
Listen to this little bit of awesomeness! 🤘🏼
@xsarahxredx Apologies for the cancellation, we had a few cast members that are really ill at the minute!! Hopefull…
@JasonBrockMusic @MissAliTeamMatt @KnightsOfRoseUK I hope I see you there too!! 😊 hope you had a good night pal! Xx
@pipalina1 @KnightsOfRoseUK Awwww I didn’t know you were in! I’d have said hello after if I’d have known! Glad you…
@ali_sendall Hahah noted, once I’ve stopped pulling the rose bush to bits ill work on it! X
@LucyLoveheart87 @KnightsOfRoseUK @RackyPlews Thank you for coming along and enjoying it!! 🤘🏼
@shinylifeforme @KnightsOfRoseUK @xsarahxredx Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed the show and Horatio too 😊
@l3479s @KnightsOfRoseUK @oliversavile @Chris_Cowley_ Thank you, really glad you enjoyed it!! X
@laura_D_81 @KnightsOfRoseUK Beanie had to be taken off, not sure it’s of the era? 😜 It will be back soon! X
@MissAliTeamMatt @KnightsOfRoseUK Thanks lovely! Glad you could make it and I’ll see you again soon! X
@xsarahxredx @KnightsOfRoseUK @Caroline_Tzipi Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it! On that list I’m happy you…
@Lukey3 😂😂 thanks pal!! Hope you’re well buddy we need a beer soon, let us know when you’re around!
@laura_D_81 @ali_sendall @KnightsOfRoseUK @KellyHampson1 @Alexisgerred I know it’s growing for the Show, we dunno w…