mdelNBA (@mdelNBA)

RT @DrunkSixersFan: I want to hear what LeBron was saying to his protege, Jerami Grant, there at the end
They always cut away from player embraces far too quickly. It’s aggravating
Lol Bill Simmons is not having a good time rn
@J_Santino13 Mixed with Lil Xan appreciator vibes
Chris Webber is fine. People are too critical. At least he sounds like he’s enjoying the game.
Draymond is going to be an awesome studio analyst in his post-playing career
Tyler Herro has incredible DatPiff energy
I'd very much like to have Roman Roy back in my life
Alright, Miami, fine. We’ll give you back Josh Richardson if you give us back Jimmy Butler and Andre Iguodala.
I’m floored by how good the second season of Pen15 is
@Ry_CampbellSoup that is... correct!
Ironically stanning Tyler Herro for the rest of eternity
RT @willmenaker: Just watched the new episode of Pen15 where they convince themselves they're witches. Such a poignant portrayal of how fun…