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3 arduous weeks. 5 hours on the phone. 2 online forms. @airfrance still doesn't know where @mariedyamamoto's art is. #airfrance #fail #sos
@lexa "I was wearing like, a Juicy Couture men’s polo shirt. We weren’t there, like, ready for war."
Grimes Designs for YSL http://t.co/0oQbgc27FW via @Fashionista_com #yothat's50dollarsforateeshirt #notsorry
RT @KingWilburn: 2014 models are out CAR PORN WEEK. fuck yo fashion week.
RT @TheCut: Meet Bentley, the Armani-Wearing Monkey Model http://t.co/6dctA9wu
"Poe is, like, the original hipster." Brilliant @buhbuhbilly
RT @HellOnHeelsGirl: Why the hell does "haha" autocorrect to "gaga" ?! If you're using an iPhone, you obviously don't mean "gaga" (only ...
RT @lexa: So glad #SB47 is over so girls will stop pretending they're into football to try to impress guys.
The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture: http://t.co/XNn32eUf #pagemasterlibrary? #majoroversight
RT @NYMag: New York City's guacamole economy: Is it really a ripoff? http://t.co/bFcDc0yS
RT @NYMag: Ask an English professor: How ridiculous is The Following’s Edgar Allan Poe obsession? http://t.co/5dfIaeSG
RT @lexa: What it feels like to have a bestie: http://t.co/h4KbsCf3 by @UrbanOutfitters <3 @Mich
RT @tommzorn: I wish they had promoter delivery dinners.
RT @NYMag: Five notes on Lloyd Blankfein's new beard. Clearly, this is a huge deal. http://t.co/nftZqV2i
Toile Goes Street: Brooklyn Toile Wallpaper by Beastie Boy Mike D http://t.co/DmHZe9Vs via @AptTherapy #this #nosleeptil