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RT @ShannonSharpe: Good job bro. You’re a marksman marksman. https://t.co/yPM6rae7Vy
RT @PerSources: Proof of Divine Intervention https://t.co/REJIu4qNxP
RT @NoelSznn: Her : “ I have a huge headache and my body hurts” Me: https://t.co/UgkMpIaoh3
@Alexretrosix @doughboyhtx Learned that quick when I came out the gate swinging making money and didn’t save haha n… https://t.co/UCJdgloNra
RT @totalgolfmove: John Daly out here hustling dudes at local putt putt courses 😂💰 https://t.co/9d14uxp2e7
RT @Beetlepimp: Dis da club I used to win dat shit https://t.co/iPi3Vd1ag2
No Siracha sweet and spicy https://t.co/IP9e46IwIq
RT @NOTSportsCenter: “Tiger Woods’ playing career is over. He will never win another major. It’s dead. Bury it.” Tiger Woods at the 2019 M…
RT @SportsCenter: HE'S BACK ON TOP! TIGER WOODS WINS HIS FIRST MAJOR SINCE 2008! 👏 https://t.co/XlIvwgiUJo
@Coby_Reese I don’t think he was riding haha working on it or some shit
I may run with the devil but he’s never catching up to me
RT @BleacherReport: Dirk moved to tears after the Spurs gave him a tribute video 😢 https://t.co/uFyTuylzqv
RT @NOTSportsCenter: Hey Magic Johnson: why did you abandon the Lakers in the middle of the rebuild? https://t.co/LIXkmPNxUG
RT @SheaSerrano: if you’re losing the game by 30+ plus AND THEN then mascot comes out and does this you gotta fucking fight the other team…
RT @_Dru_93: Billy Ray Cyrus: Hat down, cross town, livin' like a rockstar Spent a lot of money on my brand new guitar Baby's got a habit,…
RT @keightyrose: idc, old Brantley Gilbert SLAP slaps.