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Terrifying: A Coast Guard Officer Is Accused Of Plotting A White Supremacist Terror Attack “On A Scale Rarely Seen… https://t.co/al9O3vSmSE
Michael Cohen will testify in a public hearing before House Oversight on Wed at 10am https://t.co/tsRWHexCIa
RT @ZoeTillman: The Trump campaign had staffers sign an agreement barring them from ever publicly criticizing Trump, his company, or his fa…
RT @ZoeTillman: The Government Claims This Separated Immigrant Family Wasn't Separated https://t.co/1zLO17YDZL via @ambiej
@RaveLordeNito Absolutely agree on all counts
"The Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the United States, is preparing to pot… https://t.co/aQsjz7dT1h
That said, I cannot hear "Samsung" without thinking of that scene from 30 Rock where Devon takes over GE and is in… https://t.co/0E6X4MXHiJ
I see that tech Twitter seems unimpressed, but honestly I will watch gifs of that folding phone *all day long*.
NEWS: A Former Trump Campaign Staffer Filed A Class Action To Invalidate All Of The Campaign’s Non-Disclosure Agree… https://t.co/DrgYPTUHLP
RT @HayesBrown: I know every generation feels like the world is ending but we’ve got, like, charts and stuff
RT @1StevieKilner: I don't suppose you've seen those two boiled eggs I left sitting on the kitchen sideboard by any chance? https://t.co/dV
TikTok Has Created A Whole New Kind Of Cool Girl https://t.co/iyEaJolw5A via @laurenstrapa
RT @GideonResnick: NEWS: Sanders' 2020 campaign manager will be @fshakir, of the ACLU, from me + @samstein+ @attackerman https://t.co/iaIjU
@henryrodgersdc Both the House and Senate are at home in their districts for a weeklong recess...
RT @jdawsey1: WHAT? Ex-Jeff Sessions spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores is joining CNN as a political editor. https://t.co/7WXuOnbMce
RT @Integrity_Guy: BuzzFeed is selling all your quiz data. If you were wondering what Ninja Turtle you were in 2011 and got "Michelangelo,"…
RT @RMac18: Wow. Roger Stone just filed an apology with the US District Court in DC apologizing for the Instagram post he made about Judge…
RT @katherinemiller: Some interviewed here think policy (or Anita Hill) is more pertinent w Biden than, e.g., his Strom eulogy. Nina Turne…