mirwae (@mirwae)


@_fawndue art school be like that sometimes
@sushimilks i was about to go apeshit
first day in class and there was this white girl who claimed she know more abt asia than actual asians and she was… https://t.co/m4uV6Y7qSF
RT @Jammho: this clip was begging to be made into a dark souls edit https://t.co/T5YNz0uvmf
theres the subtle japanese traits group and subtle japanese traits (but with the weebs) group on fb but both have weebs anyway lmfao
@ZellFae im going to stab you if you reveal it to the public, my dark past...
i think i was atleast 10 when i joined the invader zim fandom on dA, and i started drawing digitally bc of it, and… https://t.co/UWLWLheAqV
im holding off on watching the new zim movie bc i know im gonna cry watching it lol, the reason i even started draw… https://t.co/UppG4xiLZs
anyone else get physically exhausted just by watching yowamushi pedal, if i rode my bike for more than 5 mins id die
yes kuroko is a cop but hes a delinquent on the side ok im not a boot licker
ok gonna grind chalice dungeons so i can get the betrothal ring for queen annalise and then get immediately rejected
was plaing around w outfits on bloodborne and i replaced the knights skirt w the hunters thigh highs and it fits so… https://t.co/Golp69JjEZ
me: :) *sudden thoughts about how the final boss fight in bloodborne was just two hunters trying to save each othe… https://t.co/YtOdBiVggG