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@Colin_J_Clark not seen your ugly puss around much lately. You crawled back into the hole whence you came?
@RossThomson_Abz @ScotTories Must be really hard to take promoting someone for your old job. Shit happens when you… https://t.co/hVOgDt2Azi
@RossThomson_MP You, Duguid and Clark will be no loss to North East Scotland, soon to be no more Tory lapdogs
RT @DigitalSpirit1: Hi ,@NicolaSturgeon my granddaughter is a big fan. She's getting bullied at school, she has problems that make her dif…
RT @stephenpaton134: This photo from less than 24 hours ago would suggest that Thomson's sudden decision to stand down may not have been en…
@RossThomson_MP Not the replies you were hoping for there Knob Nibbler
@RossThomson_MP Bet that’s not the only thing your thumbs have been up?
@joswinson Lib Dem’s, as irrelevant as ever. My money is on you getting into bed with the Tories and abandoning your policies like Clegg did
@RossThomson_MP @ScotTories Not long now squint yaks. Debenhams menswear beacons
@ScotTories @Colin_J_Clark a vote for Boris is a step closer to a Unionist Free, Independent Scotland..... Vote away
@ScotTories A vote for Boris deal will be a vote of Traitors against Scotland and it’s people will not forget. Kiss goodbye to your seats
@Kirstene4Angus @ScotTories Don’t worry, not long now until you’ll be operating a till in Tesco
RT @Trademarkno2: Scotland has 60% of UK Fish 65% of UK natural gas 40% of UK wind, wave solar energy 92% of UK hydro electric 96% of U…