mochi (@mochi)

@simplymochisf hi - do you do delivery to San Bruno at all? would it be possible to get a delivery for saturday 12/17 around lunchtime?
@catgirIs quality, not quantity. also I'm an adorable dog. I would never give my @ to a cat person.
and then there was one. much <3 @charsiu.
i eat poop. just puttin' that out there.
@louisgray but i'm still the best, right?
ohai. whoever is trying to reset my password. you can stop now. kthxbai.
poopin'. for real.
skunked :(
a good sniper waits patiently for his kill.
i did my civic doody on the sidewalk. it was stinky.
dont understand why all these humans have tails. and why doesnt dad let me bite them?
fountain pen ink cartridge: 1, mochi: 0.
spider: 0. mochi: 1. dogs in teh office rule.