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RT @ladbible: Our lives would be boring without cats...
@peachesndcream_ It’s never too early to count down to a holiday.... anywhere nice??
@jk_rowling I think you’d agree my nieces and nephew have brought your characters to life 😍
RT @Humberbeat: Thanks for all your offers of help and offers to join our search for Libby Squire. We are getting lots of calls and thanks…
@TheMiniMagician Hurry home! (Drive safe)
RT @AlanDaviesbirds: Shoebill has to seen to be believed!
Happy Tuesday folks 😬👍
@markhenton How how lovely for said manager #worstnightmare 🙁
RT @Stephenwebb71: How is this even possible? She’s incredible 💥
@dsr82 You want to borrow my books? 🤨
RT @TomHall: Super Blue Blood Moon over Istanbul. Beautiful! 🇹🇷 🌖 🇹🇷 🌖 🇹🇷 🌖 🇹🇷 #Travel #Astronomy #NASA #Weather #FridayFeeling
@dsr82 You’ve seen my reaction to tequila 🤢
Cheeky cocktails with the Mrs 🍸🥰
RT @DannyDutch: Sandpipers dancing❤️
@x_bluey_x Why are you opening Xmas pressies now 😲!
RT @psrxchel: when all inclusive drinks open on holiday at 10:30am #ImACeleb