mozzfett (@mozzfett)

RT @GeorgeTakei: Life goal: Be the kind of person who Trump keeps obsessing over and bashing long after I’m dead.
@shaunking Just like they did with medical marijuana.
@thistallawkgirl He tried to ban himself??
I love when QAnon/Trump morons use this GIF, not knowing that @ilazer was saluting @HillaryClinton in this scene (a…
@LisaPsychRN1 @Cordicon She was saluting Hillary Clinton in that scene. 🤣
@Cordicon @realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends @GenFlynn Nah. He disgraced his oath of office. -- former Army officer
@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends said ISIL was defeated? So that was a lie? #Foxaganda
@MPAVictoria I like white noise, like thunderstorms or incels mansplaining.
RT @GeorgeTakei: I am proud to share a closer look at my upcoming graphic memoir, #TheyCalledUsEnemy, featuring the artwork of @harmimimi.
@PoxNewsCEO Well one of them is Ivanka...
@FreakinLibby Harbor Freight sells them.
@UnimpressedWU Computer: "Please pause for rectal scan..." *brrrrrrrrrrt*
And he was sending nuclear information to the Saudis. That's a scandal in itself.
Trump supporters are not "half the country". Maybe 25% of eligible voters.
@fred_guttenberg @TuckerCarlson Tucker is the bully who never grew up.
RT @fred_guttenberg: (1,2) @TuckerCarlson, we met about 6 months ago at Politicon. I explained that FOX was not having me on and said I wo…