natalie5378 (@natalie5378)

@ScotchIrishChik Why didnt he say Sheila?? Isnt that his favorite?!? 😁
@TeenMom needs to get with @Ancestry because @ItsGaryTime deserves to know who his dad is. #TeenMomOg #LongLostFamily
Is it just me or does #BristolPalin sound like a normal, humble, literate #FarrahAbraham ?? #TeenMomOG
Forgot #TeenMomOG
This woman. @SarahPalinUSA , She is just such a Mom. She reminds me of my mom trying to talk to me. She reminds me…
#Mayochup is here! Let Chicago be among the first to taste it. #MayochupChicago
And of COURSE, after 49 minutes, someone picks up who cannot communicate in English and advised me I have to go a s…
@ToysRUs I have been on hold for 43 minutes trying to speak to real person. Unacceptable. Customer Service at it's finest right there.
@MTV @MTVShows @TeenMom Can you PLEASE make this a thing???
@TeenMom @F1abraham No, Debra should stay far far away from that demon spawn.
This sweet boy stole my heart this weekend. I hate what he is going through. People, talk to…
@TheOfficial_CT had more screen time on tonight's episode than all season. Love him. @Mtv #TheChallenge30 #TheChallengeMTV #BigDaddyCt
I could listen to @TheOfficial_CT say "elnomination" all day long. 💖 #TheChallenge30 #TheChallengeMTV #DirtyThirty
@PapaRandlicious @netflix It's way better than it looks, actually!