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Happy Valentine's Day to my number one. You are hairy, smelly and have eaten a few pairs of my shoes... but damn yo… https://t.co/ntTU383Aik
breadsticks and tulips, balloons for the party. photos of blowing that look kinda arty. a dog out of sight that is… https://t.co/7FSgfhRlj6
Good thing: we just wrote the best song we've ever written. Bad thing: Margot chewed my slippers. What a cliché.
We're busy making a third album https://t.co/JJCW4so5Nb
@overgrownmillie Awful. Had a roast and finished the cake and now I feel sick 😂
@octahater Absolutely!! But just opposing the "grow a pair of balls" bullshit !!
@jssmrtr Mate all about that google pixel life
Just written a song with the lyric "YOU NEED TO WOMAN UP" in it 💪 #growapairofbreasts #womenaregreat
@hearthopebutera Beautiful!!!
@British_Airways @sarah9macdonald Yep we made a claim and BA have said that because a "professional company" didn't… https://t.co/BQlRzQlfVW
@overgrownmillie What tattoo?!
@8123jack Miss you too Jack! We are making new music, back verrrry soon!! 😘
💚💛💜💙❤️ https://t.co/8ey3STud3F
@themusicmermaid Ok just skimming the lyrics of the new songs and already seen the words spark, colour, star, dark,… https://t.co/wmGiGAQyKS
@themusicmermaid Ahahaha oh god we really need to write about something else. I promise we won't mention light in the next album...
Way to go @British_Airways! You broke our piano beyond repair and are refusing to compensate us. We've only spent t… https://t.co/yc4sfLPMPc