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@afechosen @Doctors_quarter Wicked boy 👦
RT @Omojuwa: Did he for real? I can understand Indonesia for the I but it would take a really tough job to find an M in BRIC. https://t.co/
I would have loved to see Yele Sowore participates in presidential debate, but I don't trust him. He may come there… https://t.co/Mmq3zNUXPf
@thecableng @PeterObi @ProfOsinbajo @nigerianstat Yes na.... that was then in 2017. 9million people have thrown the… https://t.co/fdt0KHNvuB
How many you noticed the ANN VP candidate starts talking about Prepaid Meters when asked about "how many Megawatts… https://t.co/J9BKXK4jgn
RT @TheGreyGenesis: Oby Ezekwesili when Galadima returns to HQ after the debate https://t.co/Cyo4982kPt
@GovAyoFayose @OlayinkaLere By this time February 2019, your civie pain will be back in full proportion and you wil… https://t.co/EW699K86Ps
RT @eggheader: “I bought the highest number of computers by any African government - 30,000” ~Peter Obi In the first term, @kfayemi bough…
@PeterObi mentioned China more than the number of times he mentioned Nigeria & her people that he wants to govern.… https://t.co/lC5dWVWj9M
@afechosen Lol don’t yet. Peter Obi has not mentioned the last China in his statement.
Somebody should tell @PeterObi to stop calling China now. He shouldn’t turn Nigeria to China product. #2019debate
@PeterObi never misses the opportunity to hammer that Nigeria is not investing in the right direction. You would th… https://t.co/5HnWzqkwJn
@moneyprince767 @fkeyamo @PeterObi @atiku Go ahead and say it. Stop being stupid by dropping comment without explan… https://t.co/ldCplW8aqX
@ProfOsinbajo is too decent in this debate. #2019Debate
Aside @PeterObi & @ProfOsinbajo, the remaining candidates, I close my eyes whenever they want to respond to questio… https://t.co/x8FiHaqEfn
@Omo_Akin5 Lol 😂 honestly.
@afechosen Lol 😂
@fkeyamo If Nigeria goes the way of China to become strong economy just like @PeterObi kept hammering in this debat… https://t.co/TOwy8GyWTF
If Nigeria goes the way of China to become strong economy just like @PeterObi kept hammering in this debate, even h… https://t.co/EkmrcRcRZm
@PeterObi promised their govt will invest heavily on Education. Can he also promise that @atiku will convert his pr… https://t.co/bmOc752sqS