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@ShehuSani Mr Moral Director, you can interpret the statement whichever way best for you to understand. Mr. Preside… https://t.co/8pU5qQjUm2
WARNING ⚠️ “I really gave the military and police order to be ruthless... Anybody who thinks he has enough influenc… https://t.co/4u3zObwgo6
@GaniSado @toluogunlesi @ogundamisi @fkeyamo @Laurestar @pius_adesanmi @iamonomen I can’t read this alone. Comman epp me hear this pls.
@_olukay @stijjani @oosare @Onahi_ Oh yeah. He is oh.
Anyone who decides to snatch ballot boxes or disrupt the voting system, you do that at the expense of your own life… https://t.co/ps0YUHQRL8
@GaniSado @toluogunlesi @ogundamisi @fkeyamo @Laurestar @pius_adesanmi 😂🤣🤣😂🤣 You must be kidding bro??
I have instructed all security agents to be ruthless and deal with anyone who wants to disrupt the elections. ~ PMB APC caucus meetings
“We have asked all our loyal party members in all the states to be vigilant. We don’t want to hear I went to drink… https://t.co/yDwbbI14Rf
If you did not listen to PMB’s speech in APC caucus meetings, you have missed. Sorry I think he has read my lette… https://t.co/mKEpGZpXHu
@PremiumTimesng Chai! Well, good for him. One advise for him. He should go to his house kwayetly, wait for Saturday… https://t.co/BAH0B1DYEP
RT @ijaola_ibrahim: 10 Solid Reasons Why Christians Should Re-elect Buhari 1. He is married to one wife. 2. He is not an established thief.…
@harbeylyn Blocking people when they are held by the throat is their escape routes. We know that already. Lol 😂
“ the man that will steal your money is better than the man that will take your life “ ~ Apostle Suleiman CC:… https://t.co/8MxpqcAP4z
@EngrSarkina How did ‘Wroting’ “Known” in that kwetion?
The Lord told me to tell you, “the man that will steal your money is better than the man that will kill. ~ Apostle… https://t.co/9qCh9TmhRX
If all the INEC offices and materials that were burnt down in SS & SE had happened in NE & NW, hell would have let… https://t.co/A3c9DWuu9i
RT @darmmie4luv: @osquare78 to President @MBuhari Dear President Buhari, May I humbly request that in the next 6days, please & please,…
RT @_olukay: @osquare78 @atiku Add to that, the several oil well operating licences that will expire before 2023. Then you'll understand wh…