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@colleymarley91 Will it light my way to heaven??
If ur wife is sick, don’t rush her 2d hospital immediately, send huge money in2 her account. If she doesn’t get wel… https://t.co/H6Wqhy1rBz
@alekidariusz Goan make money. Plenty money. When you carry sugar, ants will follow you.
Yesterday, I made a post asking for suggestions how I can get my own share of the largesse of cars sharing that’s g… https://t.co/CQw8tkViNN
@Ayourb @ms_juwwie He said ‘Noted’ lol 😂 😂 like no fight
@LekanBabs4 Thank you... I aas just using the terms we are currently use in our political space
will employ graduates as BRT drivers, pay them ₦100,000. Lagos State Governor elect, Sanwo-Olu says. Me: Lagos is… https://t.co/5A5SrurTKZ
@Ayourb @MuriAjaka oh wow.... this is great. I’m damn happy to see you guys. Thanks for confirming bro
@Ayourb Seems the guy sitting at the back there is my friend @MuriAjaka
Everybody is gerring osho free car gift from Edward Onoja. Me never even get the side mirror. Abi my voice no loud… https://t.co/q6GlJNVhLL
@Imamofpeace Wisdom is profitable. In all your getting, also get understanding. You got both wisdom & understanding...
Anthony Joshua 22 fights, 4 major belts to show. Deontay Wilder, 42 fights, 1 belt to show. Do you know why Antho… https://t.co/t5cXvxWFor
After may 29 swearing in, 60% of me will turn wailer, while 40% will remain hailer. By may 29, we will have only 4y… https://t.co/I9X1pzsCCK
@Oganla9ja I know right..... one side of brain is saying AJ can, the other side is saying.......... ☹️
This Deontay Wilder, I’m not understanding that guy at all. I need someone to beat better craze from that guy head… https://t.co/etkTZUOOV0
@VictorIbezue I will this time. Tell him to come.
Anybody who fails to sit at home in Igbo land on 30th of May deserves to be stoned to death - IPOB Leader Nnamdi Ka… https://t.co/CF2n4DhXI0