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@jack @dbongino @RealJamesWoods ༼ つ ◕ ◕ ༽つ GIVE BAN ༼ つ ◕ ◕ ༽つ #giveban
RT @JamesHasson20: It’s time for the Mooch to make his triumphant return in Season Two. https://t.co/9a2GrOTHz1
@TianaTheFirst Post pics of what you are wearing while carded and then we can have a proper vote. I mean it’s much more scientific that way.
RT @joshweinstein: Folding laundry with @benshapiro on while my little one is eating breakfast. "Daddy? Why does he talk so fast?" "He…
@KngHnryVIII In case you two haven't been properly introduced, allow me to do so now. I suspect you will get along… https://t.co/AEcwriZjNh
RT @dbongino: The twitter purge is real. You may have to refollow me after last night if you’re interested in my content. Twitter blocked m…
RT @SharylAttkisson: Certainly the FBI has a right to make its voice heard on the memo, remembering that it's akin to someone accused of wr…
@NateDog_LA @ElishaKrauss Is the rabbit on the right wearing his yarmulke?
I’ve been trapped in a perfume store packed with women testing samples. I smell like I’ve been in a strip club min… https://t.co/RS4ohwFp0Y
@PardesSeleh If his crime was leaving the toilet seat up - I’d call it a draw.
@SebGorka Admit - it you had some small part in this. Strong work. https://t.co/dYEXq1X0Dz
RT @TheMossadIL: The BDS Movement continues to be one of our most successful false flag operations. https://t.co/Bi27zuhn4e