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RT How I rode a Samsung tablet PC to retro role-playing nirvana - (via @arstechnica)
@silverton No one had contacted me about it. Like you say, i'm not using it much (just following websites). I'd be happy to hand it off.
@silverton I didn't know it was a brand.
It's my last "free" weekend for a while. I am going to soak up as much laziness as I can get away with.
L4D2, oh hell yes
@vgc_scott "You're as ugly as a monkey in negligée"
going to see "Faust" tonight at the Overture Center. My sweetie is playing a nun and a statue!!
Summer hours at work, nice!
Woot off day, woot
Finished reading "Woken Furies", started reading "Neverwhere"
Hit 80 in WoW this week. Good times.
I'm tired and happy for the weekend.
Finished reading "Thief of Time"&"Broken Angels" and have started reading "Woken Furies"&"The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents"
@defaultlisa what if it was a rocket car and you have a trillion dollars set aside just to service it?
Watching windows reboot makes me angry
I can't type today. Bad fingers.
iPhone has been misbehaving. It's probably my fault, but it's still annoying.