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RT @stagewriter: Stopped by to give love to @dramabookshop staff as they prepare for their next chapter. Thank you notes fill the walls. I…
RT @Aiannucci: So where we are this evening is: May and Corbyn risk stalemating us into oblivion. Time for MPs to step up, ignore their lea…
It's so hard to listen to the truth spoken eloquently about our gullibility as a nation... We have driven a horse a… https://t.co/3xgNOzdeCm
Delighted to see this Eve. I'm sure it's going to be a smash. https://t.co/xsZokfB2gQ
RT @pete_sinclair: After her humiliating defeat in the #BrexitVote Theresa May plans to meet the DUP ahead of tomorrow's #NoConfidence vote…
RT @OFAHCentral: 😂😂😂 #BrexitDeal Credit: @JOE_co_uk https://t.co/yKTABnrlGv
@MattHemley Totally Fucked -Spring Awakening
This is excellent stuff. The lyrics are sharp and apposite and he performs it beautifully. The cuts and the editing… https://t.co/UmvKyluXAl
We have robbed our youth of their say. Something which will determine the lives of young people for the next 30 yea… https://t.co/STqnTqCglB
Anybody that knows me will know how much I hate how advertisers create false worlds & unrealistic expectations to s… https://t.co/c6maJfVDtu
RT @SpursOfficial: 🌍 We are delighted to welcome four new Official Supporters’ Clubs from around the world to our Spurs family. 👋
Quiz: how well have you been following Brexit? https://t.co/JdT8FAwfMs
This movie is as near to perfection as I have ever seen in terms of the detail and nuance of performance given by b… https://t.co/5HjaiXwS01
RT @ActingforOthers: A HUGE thank you to all of our supporters! We're very close to revealing our grand total for 2018. In the meantime our…
Have you asked @RT_Erdogan’s permission for the meeting? He won’t like it you know. And unless he gets what he want… https://t.co/mwo8milZFF
A trial that lasted a day! Chinese justice at its most brutal. ⁦15 years was too lenient for a trumped up charge to… https://t.co/0ismsDyjfX
Another in the series that I have been retweeting that reiterates the already scandalous policy of ‘re-educating’ C… https://t.co/ro7RcckLqv
RT @SpursOfficial: 💬 Post-match thoughts from Mauricio. https://t.co/P9w0y7GxJo
I listened to this and found a new appreciation of how much more Dionysus was to the ancients & in doing so, how mu… https://t.co/HyYRQJtXze
@New_Adventures @SirMattBourne Happy birthday Matt. Hope you’ll have a great flying visit and a very happy day...