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RT @LobbyforCyprus: The bloody Turkish invasions of #Cyprus. 14 Aug marks another blood-soaked episode in Cyprus’ modern history – the day…
RT @eevriviades: 44 yrs ago #OTD 2nd phase (14-16/8) of #Turkey’s invasion of #Cyprus #Kıbrıs #Κύπρος takes place. Dies Irae. 37.6% of its…
@AdrianLester Adrian. Wonderful news you playing Sky. Would love to see this and @StephenMear is an absolute geniu… https://t.co/XmEWsKpfGD
I'm so sorry to hear this news. Marilyn gave me my first job in television. A wonderfully energy about Marilyn whe… https://t.co/uQVsQdZBsZ
I can genuinely say I am overwhelmed by your messages of support and sympathy. You've all shown such warmth to me a… https://t.co/OVO6AVMw7Q
Our darling Mum Victoria Polycarpou. 15.08.29 - 08.08.18. Now you're at peace too. Together with Dad for 65 years,… https://t.co/qGtmRhuwxX
RT @movies_uk_com: Two dumb criminals are offered a job, to steal a priceless gem, the Blue Iguana. A great cast and hilarious movie. A mus…
The Parole Board in this case will need to answer questions of its motivation and conduct in this case. Shocking an… https://t.co/ZYio3m8ref
The total raised was over $23,000 of the original $10,000 target. Thanks to all who RT'ed and helped on whatever w… https://t.co/Xsin1DClEn
I am the happiest brother in the world today. So proud of these two hugely loved and gifted women. https://t.co/KpYc5IeZAx
'Seamus Jennings on May's Brexit meeting with Macron.' After Gillray...nailing it. https://t.co/yOAHmssDJz
RT @GreenRupertRead: BBC Radio wanted to have me on today to debate a climate-denier in the context of the drought/heatwave. I said NO. I t…
This will be wonderful with Nick at the helm. He is a wizard both with arrangements and with the keys on a piano! R… https://t.co/8xoIn8q2HQ
Great news Kimberly. Congrats on this. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. https://t.co/2CjbQ1aJyx
Well there you go...but what about the malign influence they've had already? https://t.co/kaAPVBnhsC
I didn't think I could be surprised by the covert political activity going on via Facebook (I don't do FB anymore)… https://t.co/SoasxoEExF
This is not just a smoking gun. These are people firing shots now. A relentless and ongoing campaign to undermine d… https://t.co/tLqld0eb1d