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@RealJenAries Lovely to see you too! Hope it didn't get too messy! X
@liveotherwise The character needs to look 16 years old, so if he looks older than his real age, it would be fine.
@samgwentucker No, we need an actor with ASD. Thanks.
@castingkidsuk The brief is attached to the tweet. Thanks.
Looking for a young actor with autism 15-17 yrs for #TheAWord No previous experience necessary but please read atta…
@pryorandy Dates are 27th March to 8th July #TheAWord
@BekkiMaddox Yes, as long as they look between 15-17 yrs.
RT @Ri_McD: #ClassDW now on actual tellies not just t'internetty ones! @bbcone 10:45pm tonight!
#thelastfiveyears @NicholasPegg - that was wonderful. Really wonderful.
RT @bbcclass: "I am what waits for you and I am war itself." Series 1 of #ClassDW starts on @BBCOne on Monday 🙌 📅 9th January 🕙 10.45pm…
Just eaten the penultimate huge, delicious meal of the year courtesy of the hubby at @MuranoLondon Perfect. X
RT @rizmc: 2016 was 💩. Let's make 2017 👍. I need ur help with this campaign, let's save lives in Syria, right now #
RT @RogerQuimbly: Looking forward to midnight on December 31st when 2016 dies.
So, so deeply saddened. This year really has been bloody awful. #GeorgeMichael
Merry Christmas one and all 🎄🎄🎄
RT @SadiqKhan: These figures are the most damning evidence yet that Govia Thameslink is not fit to run rail services around London. https:/…
@OldRoberts953 If that turns out to be the case then absolutely.