pryorandy (@pryorandy)


Amen to this. See also anyone over 18 on a skateboard.
RT @doglab: It takes 3.2 sec to RT and help find missing Patrick Casey, 13, from Frinton #essex who hasn't been seen since 1pm on March 18…
@TLRailUK proving itself today yet again to be the worst train "service" imaginable.
A lenient summation of their talents Nicholas.
@louisebrealey These people should be punished!
PLEASE don't start using the word "dramedy" in the U.K. It's a crime against vocabulary!
@sirjoker50 Are you ok Sidney? All best. Andy
Oh dear @Tesco You're screwed now.
We said goodbye to Doreen today. As beautiful a goodbye as there can be. #DoreenJones
@Legopolis He knows too many secrets and would be a liability at press events.
The priorities of the "leader of the free world" appear to be all in order.