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Sto imparando l'italiano e l'ucio molto
@srkitchengarden Hey. Everything we've bought from you this year has been all leaf and no flower. Was there a problem this year?
Have we cancelled Brexit yet?
@ker1979 @Dora1925 I'm too scared to look at this one. The Milky Bar Kid(s) always freaked me out.
@RD_52169 @active1967 @JeffreyGoldberg You're not making a jot of sense I'm afraid. Bye.
The correlation between racism/ignorance/stupidity is constantly reaffirmed.
I love @Diane_Warren Her twitter feed is one long and truly marvellous power ballad.
@active1967 @JeffreyGoldberg It's not about opinion. It's an analogy. Opinion is superfluous to the intention of the analogy.
@ker1979 @Dora1925 We may need to organise an intervention.