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RT @MortazaviMrs: @qkode it's crystal clear, there was NO transparency
RT @DannaB1: @qkode omg what total bullshit.The govt is manipulating and mixing DNA of humans and animals etc etc. Everything they do theyโ€ฆ
RT @qkode: ...Victim โ€˜Picking Up Her Children from Schoolโ€™ when Terrorist Took Her Life... https://t.co/YnKJa4kg6g
RT @DeplorableTNT: @qkode @SkyNews. After all their Attacks right???!!! She should say Hollywood Boycotts! Lol
RT @newjew49: @OfayCat1943 @qkode It's kind of like a bad bowel movement at a public restroom. Is there some reason you can't do that at hoโ€ฆ
RT @Broomfondel: @qkode That sounded fun, but the video & the account connected to it & been removed sadly
FBI Chief Spotted Exiting White House... https://t.co/f6Bcjgtoj8
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Muddassar Ahmed I set up the Muslim-led fund for the victims of the Westminster attack https://t.co/W7EGfNBfw8
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