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@mynameistavell @KingsEyeView message!!!!! they act like they don’t understand
RT @thekillakay_: In all my years of niggadom I’ve never seen the camera man get dropped
RT @Asaaadude: Women hate how little it takes for us to be happy. Stay up, kingz.
so this how it felt to be anyone but a clipper fan 😂😂😂
RT @BasedGodEli: Elfrid damn Peyton yo . This the dude who just killed us
RT @Fly_Malcolm_X: The 919th man also broke the record for world’s nastiest man
RT @DAMAGEDTROOPRIP: We was in September for 6 days
@NBAClippersBeat in my utopian world, we win 2 chips with kawhi and PG. during that run, zu grows in confidence and… https://t.co/Dwg6CFSUnD
RT @nitzbluv: Clippers fans trying to have a normal Sunday whole time their squad getting compared to every blown lead in sports
RT @realtuffjuice: Did you know? The 3 Branches “We” should be focusing on... You’ll be better from this listen dope beat but the message 🎯…
@paulscheer @NBAClippersBeat paul, my announcement will be announced shortly after NBACB announces his/hers announcement
@NBAClippersBeat woah this man or lady just said clipper nation is thick 😂
my anxiety was HOOPING yesterday