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RT @AaronChewning: christmas music is bad
COMEDY PRO TIP: Always be the coolest guy in the room
@Capta1n_Kirk @johnbcrist I don’t use Uber eats for every meal of every day my guy
remember the titans alternate ending
RT @AaronChewning: When 11 year old me heard @aaroncarter say “AC’s in the house” on Aaron’s Party I felt seen for the very first time
RT @NashComedyFest: WE’RE BACK ❗ The funniest week in Nashville returns April 8-14, 2019 featuring a star-studded line-up + many more to be…
@Thejoshfromtn We as Americans
holding up 4 fingers for the 4th quarter is one of the dumbest things in sports and idk why we still do it
who’s pumped to do the mannequin challenge with their family today?
every time I get ice cream I tell the cashier it’s for my pregnant wife. they never believe me but it makes me feel better
@MikahWyman Dang this hurts
RT @Mr_McStevie: Just wrote this one with @realaaronweber in mind @Arbys
@AaronChewning and I sat down w/ @DustinNickerson for a fun episode of his podcast! Give it a listen, subscribe, an…
I'm doing the Spring leg of @johnbcrist's #HumanBeingTour! @DustinNickerson and @BowtieComedy will be there, too. T…
rudy alternate ending ☝️
RT @MikahWyman: I’m recording my first live comedy album with two of my best friends, @maryjayberger and @LauraKPeek Dec 28 @3rdcoastcomed