reiybread (@reiybread)

RT @bunniboy: We are fucking under attack
anyways i actually hate this & i’ll probably delete this mess later
I do not enjoy being social however I have so many incredible people to be thankful for: my best friends, my boyfri…
although i don’t feel the greatest, most of the negativity in my life comes from MYSELF and that is surely somethin…
despite all the energy i could take to stress about life, i don’t have much to complain about right now & honestly that is a LOT for me
@ryleetate rehearsal start literally less than two weeks
@ryleetate LMAAAAOOOOOO the un*versal way
@miller_annettee first of all i’m really sorry you’re experiencing this. take a look at your diet, are you drinking…
@Iouisavontrapp this is the only transformation that matters. your cat went from a cyclinder to a sphere
hey guys I have three auditions this week and I’m winging every single one of them !
@MegaRedHead ok but why have we not hung out yet
why is it that when i finally get ONE day off i have so many things to do
RT @mytoecold: Nothing sadder than your phone alarm going off for a Nap That Never Was
I’m seriously so!!!’ overhwlemed!!!! constantly!!!!!!
sorry i can’t leave for work my kitten is using me as a bed and it is extremely rude for me to disrupt his beauty sleep
RT @washedupseahag: somebody called vampirina “goth mcstuffins” and i’m dead
myself included