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Damoona is one of thousand children who has no dad or mom & they want 2 sacrifice their life for all of the childr… https://t.co/EDUXzZlmuA
@leomediagroup THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION OVER JUSTICE #1988massacre
@nedaliberty100 @Maryam_Rajavi We build a bridge From our hands ,to see freedom in Iran #1988massacre #noimpunity for mullahs
RT @Maryam_Rajavi: The sensitivity of the present juncture and the increasing weakening of the clerical regime place the burden of responsi…
RT @Maryam_Rajavi: I urge the United Nations Secretary General to dispatch an international fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate the…
Our journey began 120 years ago in #Iran. A resolute resistance against all enemies of freedom was rooted. Since Ju… https://t.co/TCSpIjY2uU
Hadassah Lieberman, Auschwitz survivor during #FreeIran Gathering in Ashraf 3: "If you light a candle to get away f… https://t.co/WYcAjjxsHA
@Maryam_Rajavi we @rise4justice88 in Iran the country that as you said is a country of massacre and we want peace and liberty !
RT @Maryam_Rajavi: The people of #Iran have risen up for regime change. This development will bring freedom to Iran and security to the wor…
Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still, I'll rise "Iran… https://t.co/CwOlaaEPG8
@JustFunny12 @berttaling Women, the voice of the oppressed @Maryam_Rajavi
@SoStarMusic #UkrainianPlaneCrash is part of the Mullahs records of Human right violation during past decades. we… https://t.co/n60BDWZ3ob
@lisagamcan Its my owner to see you as a Justice Lover! Hand in Hand we can bring justice for all the massacre that… https://t.co/UiHV2J8H65