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Well its not like shes Secretary of State or something equally trivial. https://t.co/Meyms60WrE
Losing to Sabres at home while blowing 4-1 lead = bottom. #Pens
Pens trying to get rock bottom.
Can't wait for MNF to listen to Booger McFarland, said no one ever. #MNF
RT @MySportsUpdate: The #Bucs will start Jameis Winston at QB Sunday vs. the #49ers. Fitzpatrick back to his backup role.
RT @Maddog_219: Jaguars beat the Patriots in Week 3. Steelers beat the Jaguars in Week 11. Steelers will beat the Patriots in Week 15. #
RT @Andrew_Stern94: Bill Hilgrove hasn’t broadcasted a loss since #Pitt lost to ND on 10/13. Teams are now 14-0 in that stretch. #H2P #Here
@jimwexell @joeybagovdonuts He's been a solid pick up. I no longer cringe at our PR.
@MAGAindex Even better considering she probably edited in before uploading it.
@DJGalloEtc @joeybagovdonuts Once again Operation Shutdown ignored. Teke Redman also.
This is yet another reason why Bill Hillgrove is a treasure. https://t.co/ureQmmgkYv
Very relatable = promises free stuff. Since all you have to do is just have the government pay for it. Venezuela is… https://t.co/nvOiCxTpFe
@joeybagovdonuts Thanksgiving Day I think
RT @Just_a_Texan: Pure socialism: NYC mayor wishes government controlled 'every single plot of land' https://t.co/344ilmei5w #FoxNews
Don't worry. Pirates are still going for WS title next year. https://t.co/S929QNY2MP
RT @TomlinReactions: Ben talking about the trash talking that was going on the field. And how good it was to beat those guys at the end. #S