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RT @Alex_Kozora: Feeling should be mutual between the Steelers and Burnett. Can't trust him to stay healthy. Struggled in coverage, furthes…
Hate losing to Syracuse. In anything. #H2P
RT @FisherJillian: If the NHL did mid-season report cards: The Metro 😂😬 https://t.co/JMZkZvG5aT
RT @Education4Libs: Pablo Escobar’s brother claims to have raised $10 million in 10 hours towards impeaching President Trump. Wait.... so…
RT @rizzosarge: Steelers fan best practices for rooting on championship Sunday. 1) New England? No, just no and never. 2) KC? Beat us…
When there is a snowstorm coming to the mid-Atlantic https://t.co/A6USMOMrZs
CT taxpayers take another bath. https://t.co/6BiV16RQ2R
RT @redsteeze: Dems: No one is saying we want open borders NY Times: https://t.co/qSenhwaqsX
@DonnieDruin Flacco didnt want any part of this. Watch him.
RT @seanmdav: How will these poor, downtrodden members of Congress do their jobs if they can't pocket outrageous taxpayer-funded per diems…
RT @KimStrassel: "Ms. Ocasio-Cortez won’t admit it, but she and her socialist friends will eventually have to go where the real money is: T…
Jeff Capel is the best coach Pitt has hired in my fandom. Period.
Xavier Johnson is for real #h2p
Way to go Pitt. Close this out. #h2p
@frazmoney93 4th place
Glad he pointed out that Pirates haven't won WS yet. Definitely factoid worth knowing. #nutting https://t.co/dIQsJmHIaX
RT @spittinchiclets: Nothing says sports more than ruining an opposing team’s fan proposal (🎥 @15SOF) https://t.co/8gzTXUVRbL
Go Chiefs.
RT @RealCandaceO: At the age of 30, @AOC was so fiscally irresponsible that she hadn’t saved up enough money to rent an apartment in the Wa…