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21:00pm #Thesister comes to a massive conclusion following Bob's recent bombshell that he killed Elise. What will happen next?
20:00pm #Emmerdale P2 Moira's brother Mackenzie makes his explosive entrance into the village. But will Moira be pl… https://t.co/dpbixV80ra
19:35 #Eastenders. Ruby confronts Kush about the stolen money. When Kush denies all knowledge Ruby is left seething… https://t.co/xn2sUQKADe
19:00pm #Emmerdale P1. Dawn asks for her job back at the hide. An upset Charity has a run in with a driver leading… https://t.co/dDm6AaPcfh
Tonight's TV:- 29/10/2020 18:30 #ItTakesTwo it's @Rylan 's first show of the series. He chats to vicky Gill about t… https://t.co/9SV724DtVq
Just been in a shop just now and heard a Xmas song. I wish it could be Xmas every day. Seriously it's late October ,🤣🤣
RT @thismorning: With the French President announcing a second national lockdown and Germany imposing tougher restrictions, forcing all res…
RT @birmingham_live: BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn breaks silence on being suspended by Labour Party https://t.co/4VENICZ4Yv
Heading out now Have a lovely day xx #ThisMorning
Laptop syndrome 🤣🤣 that's not real #ThisMorning
Deedra was calling from the middle of a field 🤣🤣 #ThisMorning
Hello to the new deedra 🤣🤣 #ThisMorning
Deedra's gone off the line 🤣🤣 #ThisMorning
Deedra needs a new phone I think 🤣🤣 #ThisMorning
Spin to win time it's Hocus Pocus good luck all #ThisMorning
@TheTinyDwarf Thank you :) I got mixed up with yesterday's 🤣
Talk about Kim K but don't talk about the France Terrorist incident 🙄🙄 #ThisMorning
Today's spin to win :- Abracadabra Your welcome ☺️ #ThisMorning
Don't really care about Kim K tbh with you #ThisMorning