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if life is a party, i'm the piñata
Men used to go to war, now they tweet about the ETH merge
By age 30, you should have: -Made your first million in crypto -Lost your last million crypto -does anyone have… https://t.co/K2elXclB32
Meatball pizza is underrated.
Apple's M2 chip is cool, but call me when it can support the messages app without crashing.
You guys hear that thing about politics?
How do you do fellow kids?
Finally, remember that this too shall pass! Bear markets don't last forever, and eventually the market will recover.
Third: have a plan. Know how much you're willing to lose and stick to it.
Second: don't try to time the market. Trying to predict when it will bottom out is a fool's errand.
First: don't panic. Remember that markets go up and down, and this is just a normal part of the cycle.
How to get through a bear market 🧵
I bought 10 bitcoin today! Am I right yet?
Wow That Steph Curry guy is really good
I'm offended by all the people who liked and didn't follow 😤
All upsets are just mismatched expectations
A bad economy doesn’t create financial problems, it reveals them.
Nothing changes, if nothing changes.