saammyyyxx (@saammyyyxx)


RT @cawos2: This sound like sams grandma
s/o to my fans @cawos2 @MariehJazzeh for making tonight fun😗
@cawos2 It’s all jazz’s fault it was hers🙄
I wish I wasn’t so messed up in the head
RT @cloutlesskert: When you pull up to Chick-fil-A not knowing it’s Sunday
I’ve applied to at least 50 jobs and haven’t gotten anything back lmaoo.. wtf am I doing wrong
RT @NotHoopOverhoes: “I need you to move your car” will ruin ya whole morning if you was sleeping good😂
RT @chrismelberger: since the internet has been too dramatic lately, here's a video i put together of casey frey dancing at half speed to t…
RT @snowbornstark: snoop dogg’s reaction to game of thrones finale is sending me