saammyyyxx (@saammyyyxx)

RT @BENTBLADEK: when you grow up and get too heavy for your parents to carry you from the couch to your bed
RT @2000sphase: Me contacting the financial aid office
RT @kjblisss: Is anyone else feeling like .. off ?? Idk how to explain it ... just ... different ?? Not tired but not well rested, not sad…
RT @ILoveBeinBlack: Lmao holy shit I wasn’t expecting that 😳
RT @pginolii: whoever made this is going to jail
RT @ifiwasperfect: Giving my mom Airpids shouldn't have been this funny 😂
RT @houston_trill98: That shit hurted
RT @UglyGod: Man Carti & X didn’t give no fucks that whole day lmao. 😂
RT @nawafley: “should we do it again” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RT @Drebae_: My dramatic ass every time I hear Beyonce sing I’d Rather Go Blind
RT @ItsErrolBerry: all the guests at the White House tonight when they were served McDonald’s & Wendy’s
RT @SPANlSHBOPS: Me when Don Omar decides to come back.
RT @ChrisProxxy: Professor: *skips syllabus talk and goes straight into lecture College students:
RT @sicktochat: Edna Mode while the Incredibles are out getting their ass beat
RT @EffinYassy: Coffee lovers understand this pain.
RT @BITCHEMOTICON: *group chats active* me: hi guys gc:
RT @Alondraaa00_: Lmao my brother is so dramatic 💀
@big_daddy_bry Bry wtf. Stop posting this stuff🤮
RT @earthangeII: my dad: i don’t want a dog in the house! also my dad: