samstaydipped (@samstaydipped)

RT @_KyleJean: 😂😂 I felt this
RT @504_Reminisce: Curren$y freestyle in ‘05
RT @VIXXLELAME: Bro , how you a force at ball your whole life and then all of a sudden it just goes away .. I’m deadass concerned. https:/…
RT @Grraaaams: Me when my niggas don’t reply to the meme I sent in the group chat
RT @MichelobULTRA: *walks into gym* Front desk person: “Have a great workout!” Our brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't sa…
RT @samstaydipped: My nigga Osama Bin Laden was 6'4 with a beard man he would've pulled all the hoes on twitter
RT @KingJames: That boi Ky was in his 💼 tonight!!
RT @King_07_13: We all go through it. Just reply wym
RT @brian_gutro: @samstaydipped Read the least important part and reply to that. 👌
@brian_gutro Big bet
RT @jeezmightmakeit: " wabble Dee dabble Dee " gets me everytime.
Tryna decide if i should read the long paragraph she sent me and then reply accordingly or just text her “wym?”
RT @BR_NBA: We all know what the broadcaster wanted to say 😅
RT @mmxxxaaaa: 😂👀😂😂😂
RT @3AM__MO: How y’all let Jay Versace get bigger than Fresh is beyond me.