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As Nuttall says, 'We're not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere'. Quite
The voters' verdict; #UKIP is completely pointless. If they can't win in Stoke with their new leader they won't win anywhere
@FeministDevon i have a full day of Constuency commitments which I cannot cancel. Govt should give this the time it deserves
RT @frankbrunoboxer: 1 in 4 of us will fight a mental health problem this year.If your mate’s acting differently, step in. #inyourcorner h…
Delighted to see the lovely #cirlbunting nominated for wildlife success of the year pls vote for your favourite
RT @MrAndyParsons: Doris 99% less popular as a name in the U.K. than it used to be. Today not helping.
RT @NuffieldTrust: Our #ntsummit is next week - we'll be hearing from Simon Stevens, @MaryDixonWoods @anastasia_knox @sarahwollaston @JonA
That's quite some cycle, good luck Andy
3/3 I welcome a review of the system to allow fairer assessment. It is time for out of town & internet retailers to pay a greater share.
2/3 Serious issue for high streets and especially independents across S Hams, where rates are distorted by high rents.
Chancellor will be announcing measures in #Budget2017 to support high street retailers facing steep rises in business rates #localgovdebate
RT @davidjbuck: It's official, bizrates will fund public health > see concerns & qs that need answering here https:…
@ShaunLintern agree must not just be a transfer from NHS but genuine new funding
Key asks #Budget2017 1. Genuine uplift in #socialcare funding 2.Fully fund STP transformation plans incl capital 3. Public health upgrade
@ShaunLintern 'repurposing' is not new money, we need BCF to be brought forward immediately in #Budget2017
STP @TheKingsFund report also warns not to reduce capacity in hospitals without robust community alternatives, IMO not just plans but actual
Underfunding means STPs now being seen by public as a vehicle for cuts rather than an opportunity to improve area-based design of services
STPs are being set up to fail unless 'transformation' is properly funded, timescales realistic & genuine co-design with community
Govt must listen to the important warnings from @TheKingsFund set out in their report published today on STPs