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@KherchacheMehdi @tvanouvelles mdr fr esti de conne elle va m’envoyer son voisin la prochaine fois
RT @aebxo: me in 2030 when it’s my turn to generate renewable energy for my street because old white men messed up the planet
update: his phone is so fkg dry the only txt he got was from me because i forgot i had his phone
he’s literally so loyal there’s nothing in there that would spice our relationship up lol
my man forgot his phone with me and literally the only interesting thing to lurk in there are his baby nephew’s pics lmaooo
RT @Asadpxki: My 2 loyal followers at 4am watching me have a mental breakdown on twitter:
RT @INDIEWASHERE: just found out kasey musgraves liked kid rocks sexist tweet about taylor swift
RT @ysalazar11: Kacey’s husband locking her out of their house on Aug 23 so he can stream Lover
@rosesaagar your hair and your nose and your eye makeup and your whole ass face...... miss please you’re so gorgeou…
it’s 2 am...... feeling like i just lost a friend.......
RT @andthejets: where are divorced fathers going to have awkward lunches with their estranged children now