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Can anyone go to second 40 and tell me what the fuck that means
RT @Adam_Schmitt15: Kirk Cousins after throwing two picks and losing a fumble, knowing he signed an $84M contract:
RT @barstoolsports: Nothing better than making a big hit under the Friday Night Lights @barstoolchicago (Via @DavidAmborghini)
When you’re one of the few people in your friend group with a Juul
What genius convinced our parents that beanie babies were gonna be collectibles
RT @Shoshodiebitch: This is hands down the best moment in tv history and nothing will top it.
What if you’re that person w bad breath that doesn’t know it
RT @bethany_bowman: I literally have the prettiest little baby boy, my heart can’t stand it😭😭
RT @notrickyrangel: 1. Hunting mountain lions is not only legal, but regulated closely. 2. Doubt the meat went to waste & 3. Mountain lio…