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"Strikes called off next week, service back to normal,” said one. “Normal?”
"trillions of dollars for America’s 1 percent in exchange for 20 million fewer people with health care" @TheAtlantic
RT @Rugbymumno9: The @BBCNewsnight insisted #WomensMarch was in liberal heartlands only. This is Texas, a blood red state, get your facts…
"@haringeycouncil wants to privatise huge swaths of public property: family homes, school buildings, its biggest li…
RT @nowthisnews: Women on all seven continents united to make their voices heard #WomensMarch
RT @RBReich: I spent most of today marching – as did millions of other Americans, as well as millions abroad. It was a march... https://t.c
RT @rog_la: Entire team were there for hours after shifts ended yest. No 1 got lunch. The gov don't take goodwill cost savings into account…
"Whether he knows it or not, Hodge has provided what could become a catalyst for change" @DeborahJaneOrr
He, and his colleagues, has a plan
RT @guardian: We are live from the Women's March on London in Trafalgar Square:
Comparative international health spending data here
RT @ProfLAppleby: Self-cutting sometimes seen as "attention-seeking" but we found risk of #suicide higher than with other self-harm. https:…
RT @BCAppelbaum: Compare the crowds: 2009 inauguration at left, 2017 inauguration at right. #Inauguration
RT @nytpolitics: Early estimates put the crowd gathered for Trump’s inauguration at about one-third the size of Obama’s in 2009 https://t.c
What the 1% gets: It wasn't always that way. It is a political choice
RT @nytimes: Comparing the crowds at Donald Trump’s and Barack Obama’s inaugurations
British newspapers accused of publishing 'consistent stream' of inaccurate stories about Muslims