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Spotlight on #actor @BrettFancy, rep'd @felixdewolfe: check out his new sizzle reel!
#Actors, do you need a new #demoreel? I edit full reels for casting sites and sizzle reels for your social media:
Is your #acting reel up to date and ready for #DemoReelDay 2017 (managed by @DavidAugust), next Wednesday 29th?
Earth Vs Mars: Bobbie Draper comes face to face with Chrisjen (@SAghdashloo) TONIGHT on #TheExpanse at 10|9c on…
RT @katedowdcasting: We're urgently looking for an Afghan/Pashtun boy age 12yrs for a job starting next week. Please email katedowdcasting@
Ethel (Jenny Richardson rep'd @ShackAttackYA) hatches a plan in the penultimate episode of the BBC's #TheWorstWitch
Casting Directors often cast to type, so know your type: but as David S Goyer says, casting against type can be mor…
@CDAssoc Best of luck!
RT @CDAssoc: Meet the nominees for the @CDAssoc #CastingAwards2017: See what they've been nominated for: https://t.…
RT @Casanvar: Yeeeee haaaa!!! Buckle up y'all!! ‘The Expanse’ Renewed for Season 3 at Syfy – Variety #TheExpanse
@garybeardsmore @Michael__Glover Thanks, Gary! Yes, I can often source footage for my clients; Michael, pls send me a message for more info.
RT @AbrahamHanover: New episode tonight. RT at will. #THeExpanse
Technology changes. Mankind doesn’t. Don't miss tonight's episode with @Casanvar & @SAghdashloo. Politics AND actio…
RT @ShackAttackYA: #Magic as always @showreelediting - Thank you - Can't wait to see what to happens #MildredHubble #EthelHallow & the rest…
Dining room disaster for Mildred (@BellaRamsey) & Ethel (Jenny Richardson @ShackAttackYA) in today's #TheWorstWitch
#Acting Reels are partly an art form, partly a showcase, but primarily a tool for career development. #actorslife
Looking forward to the new book by client David Jason, "My Lives", out in October: his thoughts on Del Boy, Frost,…
@TreePettsCasts @CDAssoc @AndCasting Excellent news, glad to hear! 😀