sincerelys0phie (@sincerelys0phie)

I hope nobody tries to sit next to me on this 5 hr bus bc I’m tired and sad and there’s a good chance I’ll cry at least a lil at some point
All I could think about during the Beyoncé film was what Michelle visage would have to say about all the sparkly bodysuits
I love my family and all but I’m so over this trip I want to be home and sleep in my own bed and hang out with peop…
Listening to the national while swiping thru tinder is a vibe
trying to decide if it would be too problematic to name my future daughter Lilith
@crushpalace @kvetchkween Tbh I thought the same thing we should start a book club
Took my anxiety meds and then watched an episode of our planet nd I feel greeeeat
My hobbies include watching 7 different youtube videos on how to make some really complicated dish and then decidin…
aerie's 10 for $35 sales happen far too often
I would die for vanjie tbqh
I had a dream that I met @Beyonce and I told her she was beautiful and then she told me I was beautiful and I cried…
I gotta say, being hungover is a lot worse when you’re depressed
RT @alexdimitrov: Before you’re dead you can always get on a plane, sleep with a stranger, read a poem smoking a cigarette in your kitchen…
Throwback to last night when I went up to a random girl at a bar and asked her if she was gay and she said no so I…
10 minutes into our planet and I’m already crying
Somehow I walked 7 MILES around boston and cambridge today wtf
RT @kvetchkween: being a lesbian who dated men previously has given me this absolutely warped version of gaydar where i can hear about a wo…
Just played a game of jenga that was so stressful I literally pulled a muscle in my neck wtf lmao
I may have almost cried at work every day this week, but I never actually cried at work so at least there's that
Going to see pet sematary alone on a Thursday night is a....interesting way of dealing with a breakup