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I want a gf to get pedicures with
Like I’m honestly shocked at how many people I saw that I know irl in the first like 5 minutes
Got home & went on tinder to see if anyone I know has become gay and I immediately regretted it
I’m running a participant for my study and omg she is gorgeous none of my training prepared me for what to do if I…
When lorde said “okay I know that you are not my type, still I fall” I rlly felt that
according to the counter on the amcas website my application will probably be processed today or tomorrow and I can…
yo I think I had a stress dream about the democratic debates last night wtf
i'm stoked for fall fashion I have a sudden urge to buy pens and notebooks and a new work bag I feel like I should…
how many years of not being in school does it take for the back-to-school feeling that always happens in mid august to go away
olivia colman needs to play every queen in every movie and tv show for the next 10 years
Important question: is it bad to use a selfie as an id photo for grad school applications??
Why do I keep dating girls who go to bed at 9 pm it’s super inconvenient
Rearranging objects so that more of them can fit in the same space is my passion
Did I only curl the front half of my hair? Duh
Another hot take: if u don’t like my pic it’s rude
Hot take: it’s rude to like someone’s insta after leaving them on read
But did it turn into a fun lil photo shoot and make me feel better? Yes so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Did I spend a full hour curling my hair and putting makeup on and taking pics at 11 pm on a Friday night so that I…
How come like half the women in gentleman jack are named Anne