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@BlownawayToo @Goodluckbeer and we all know how much Americans care about History. Hillary can't prop up these bumblers forever
US officials expect Trump to either find a war to start or a meteor streaking towards earth in order to deflect from #TrumpRussia. It's bad.
Us Official have info that Trump associates may have coordinated with Russia. The wheels on the bus are falling off, falling off,falling off
@Overlease be prepared to be disappointed. Businessmen don't always make great presidents.
@Overlease if I think of all the human traits that I dislike the most, he seems to have them all
If the Freedom Caucus succeeds in blocking this bill, Trump will have a massive Twitter stroke.
@DrottM @evgeni answer my question. What EO currently in effect has changed your life personally
@DrottM @evgeni name an. EO he signed abd that wasn't blocked that's changed your life.
@MarkSmarmsby he's only been in power 60 days..except his transition should have started in July but he fired the first transition team
Maybe if 45 reimbursed the gov't for his travel to florida there would be more money for less important things like…
Of course it is. Maybe all menbers of congress need to declare their Russian ties.
@DrottM define "done". I see a lot of sound and fury with nothing accomplished
I'd hire a small private army to protect myself if I were Paul Manafort.The bodies have been piling up since the election. He can afford it.
#StopMakingExcusesFor the man who screwed up his transition so badly that they didn't hit the ground running, they just hit the ground.
Ivanka's Title: Personal Service Worker. Responsibilities include sending Dad back to bed when he wanders and makin…
@JBHinOC I guess there is that. Although some might prefer blissful ignorance.
Hey Al Franken. Next time you see the President, tell him there's an absurdity clause for the Presidency too. It's called impeachment.
Al Franken reminds us once more that this the year of the absurd.
Aliens Invade White House #TheNewsIn4Words