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So...technically Jesus was a zombie, right? Asking for a friend.
RT @dark_shark: "It takes you years to learn how to play like yourself." - Miles Davis #quote #composer #musician
I'm pretty sure I'm writing the Great American Novel -- one ALT tag at a time. #webdesign #webdev
We’ve been writing on cave walls for 40,000 years trying to communicate and it still comes down to just chalk on st…
RT @tranhelen: This GIF about @Photoshop's decision to mess with muscle memory by removing Shift to transform + scale. Different, for som…
Pro tip for logo designers: Gradient mesh is not supported in the current SVG spec. Find another way. #logo #design #svg
Flashback to when full page web screenshots required a billboard sized monitor, Photoshop and patience. #webdesign #webdev
RT @zeldman: ☛ How did let our beautiful WWW turn into a garbage fire of lies, hate, and privacy violations? I have some thoughts. “Noth…
RT @ChristoandJC: "Walking on Water," the documentary by Andrey M Paounov, hits U.S. theaters in May. Trailer with sneak peek released by @
RT @FastCompany: Senators just unveiled a bill to stop deceptive design and dark patterns
And...done! 🎉 I just took the new Design Census, now it's your turn: #designcensus19
I sometimes think teaching people #HTML is easier (and more valuable) than teaching them how to use a #CMS. #webdesign #webdevelopment