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I've been thinking about changing my ID account lately, from "sugohaessoo" (on Twitter) and "tsukichiaki (on IG) to…
I'm watching Riverdale and it's so good 🤤❤ Cole Sprouse is my childhood crush and now he is still my crush AHAHAHAHA
RT @inseoismermaid: Cuteness overload. I can't😣
RT @inseoismermaid: Let's play with me, Jhonny! Haute!😆
@sunny_lupin omg hahahahaha
RT @sunny_lupin: IT IS!!! 🥰 And so you are @sugohaessoo 😘
RT @theVINExxx: maknae-line hands are full 😍😍😍
@Xx02xX6 woah thank u ;;-;;
RT @Xx02xX6: I really love this artist ❤ super talented 💯
RT @imblueviolet365: Haute❌Uncle Jinu is 💙 😙🐕
RT @DrizzlleBlue: Can the internet even handle this cuteness overload??? Because I can't! AAAAAHHH!!!!! 🎆
RT @Inseoforever: Cuteness overloaded 😍😍💙💙
@noname_noona haha mayyyyybe
RT @noname_noona: Is HAUTE trying to escape Jinwoo's kisses?