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@isaacutd7 Columbia after their shenanigans against us in the WC.
RT @LBliss8: happy to keep chatting with anyone struggling mentally through this. If it’s a birthday message or such that’s needed, no prob…
@WD18Fans Troy is right to make that decision considering his son's situation. As a vaccine is unlikely for a long… https://t.co/y3Zx8HMTu1
Worth a watch to listen to Troy Deeney talk about #ProjectRestart & why he's stayed at Watford. He's towards the en… https://t.co/6mq49yrKuX
@JackRob1314 You go here I believe. There's link on the website for tonight's discussion. https://t.co/4OGu1nO4Lh
Troy Deeney & Joey Barton on tonight at 7pm. It should be a good one after Joey's comments in response to Deeney's… https://t.co/TAD3xAV5Md
@bigcee75 @GaryLineker Jesus! VAR would be finding offside all the time with those outfits 😂😂😂, except when it's against Watford!!
@tovers98 Easily first choice. If second choice, he can go elsewhere and earn more money. Spurs were interested in… https://t.co/HnMxGzAtxi
@COYHorns_com @T_Deeney That moment will be forever etched into my brain. Roy of the Rovers stuff that moment. Not… https://t.co/JpC32dQcHg
@WatfordFC @the_1881_club If teams get to play Home games, I think we will see how important fans will be to the ga… https://t.co/p3pWDbJ0qb
@WatfordFC Germany has far better contingency plans & much lower deaths than in England. However, Scott is right. W… https://t.co/FpVE6bVa0X
@talkSPORT Strong words & true. Will anybody listen who can fix it? That's the billion £ question.
@COYHorns_com Sell, he was super sub last season, but this season, he hasn’t had any where near the same impact. Suarez will take his spot .
RT @Super70sSports: Hagler vs. Hearns, Round 1. If you’ve seen it, you’re welcome. If you haven’t, the next three minutes may change your g…
@COYHorns_com What went wrong at the beginning of the season?