swift (@swift)


When you focus on your own happiness, you become a better person for yourself and those around you.
Oftentimes we make mistakes and people will label us or assume that this is the way a person is. Maybe making a mis… https://t.co/S71TdzJzNR
People won’t tell you what they feel about you, but they will show you if you pay attention.. 🎯
RT @MeekMill: You know I’ll never speak on that n#%ga it’s not my business ... but I can tell you that’s it’s levels no competition 🤞🏾
RT @sza: U wanna be great or u wanna be mad ?
People will only take you as serious as you take yourself..
You gotta see shit for what it really is
what you think about me is none of my business.. 🤧
I pop tags when I’m down..
You gotta love, trust and bet on yourself before all that success come.. and don’t forget to pray 🙏🏼
M O T I V A T E D. 😤
Searching for some peace of mind.. but you’ll never get a piece of mine 🤧
Have you ever met somebody who want all the smoke? 😈 💨
Pray about everything; worry about nothing..
Too much positivity & power for me to entertain any form of negativity..
I ain’t nothin like you fuckin rap niggas
Chasing happiness..
The original is always better..
RT @MeekMill: And I ain’t gotta lie to these women young rich rare trill king ima prize to these women 🤞🏾