swift (@swift)

Gotta leave the past alone. The future is so much brighter.
I’m on this positive vibe.. I ignore A L L negativity
I don’t do people dirty because I don’t want that type of karma hanging over me..
I don’t gotta tell you we move different..
Money does NOT buy happiness; I spent my whole check and I’m still mad as shit.. 😂😂😂
Less is more, player.
People will try to talk you out of chasing your dreams.. Don’t listen!
Say some..
When you way more lit than you let them perceive you to be 😂😂😂
If you’re going through something, happiness is only one decision away.. 🖤
This shit is everything to me..... 🖤
Say you love me cuz I love to hear it.. 🖤
Gotta learn how to let go and know when to hold on..
They tried counting me out before they counted me in.. 🖤
I wonder how rumors originate?
Life is all about finding balance
Don’t be anti.. life is too short to not really live and enjoy each day.
Leveled up.. nothing changed, I’m just harder to reach
I’m not impressed very easily
Trust God