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One year & one week ago, I finished my first #ultramarathon race @theNorthFaceECS #ECSCA 50k (actually 53km), my se… https://t.co/3VVAIdn3OY
attending #IndieWebCamp East today & tomorrow! Great first keynote by David Dylan Thomas (@movie_pundit)! Up next… https://t.co/UMMGs4Wb2V
Today: 14 miles in Marin with pal @bryanting. Filled out my 2020 ballot and dropped it off at the local ballot drop… https://t.co/LKCHkxsTUp
7 years ago yesterday, showed up to @Nov_Project_SF. Last year: https://t.co/vXjulwpf4R Yesterday was a rest day,… https://t.co/fcQ6bTKiVA
@dens I remember 2009, when our worst complaints about #socialmedia were too many failwhales. Congrats on Marsbot… https://t.co/bnm2tKlKyA
science & personal responsibility. that’s it. that’s the tweet. https://t.co/ovd0xiZ3xn
At least stop reading Facebook & YouTube algorithmic feeds, and turn off all #socialMedia notifications. More from… https://t.co/jOWzYOKBEj
Make #October the month you block Facebook, YouTube, and anywhere else recommending misinformation, yes a… https://t.co/Zfa4fhHUZg
Pretty shocked to hear of Emil Eklund (@eae) passing 😔 @slightlylate sorry for your and all of our collective loss… https://t.co/yi5WWznsj1
I believe in the #webPlatform (#EngineDiversityAbsolutist) And the web as *your platform* (#IndieWeb over #BigTechhttps://t.co/SInW8djNvR
As announced over a week ago, @Mozilla had a “significant reduction in our workforce by approximately 250 people”… https://t.co/pjji9F7lEA
I’m sorry this happened Yan :( I know @bcrypt and trust her. Read the images. https://t.co/eIdeb5kX78 https://t.co/JsIFnB7D93
@slbedard or a Shazam for #birdsong, showing both which bird(s) and map of where heard, with optional contribution… https://t.co/Pu6wRd0prt
#TechIsNotNeutral. Laws SHOULD NOT mandate specific technologies (certainly #notBlockchain) nor unproven standards.… https://t.co/YaF9TmexCZ
going to part of the IndieAuth Pop-up Session 🗓 9:30-11:30am PDT, Sat 8/8 🎟 RSVP: https://t.co/okrIG9St9ahttps://t.co/sqQOzD30iz
Looking forward to 2021, when 2020 will finally be hindsight. https://t.co/EG7YEUzuPj
* 17k+ #Berlin anti-mask/anti-vax protesters gathered without masks (#COVID19 surge coming) * "Day X" preppers infi… https://t.co/do5I7OSY6d
Hey guys (yes, literally), and anyone in a position of power (management, leads) at Google, or any tech company, or… https://t.co/rORYRDRKHk
2wks "virtual" @W3C F2Fs: Prev: MTW 06:00-09:30 @W3CAB, first as a returning AB member This: MT1-5p ThF7-11a @CSSWGhttps://t.co/IEyuLut6KH
Thoughts with Portland friends, and implications. Watching indicators: * # cities DHS Operation Legend * # kidnappe… https://t.co/3C05pQw2Xl