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RT @sturdyAlex: Rees-Mogg already calling for her to resign. Turns out not such a democrat.
RT @sturdyAlex: I trust @BorisJohnson, @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and the rest of the ERG “defenders of democracy”, will now instantly pivot to full-…
RT @OwenJones84: Imagine sharing a graph showing that workers are still significantly poorer than they were a decade ago as some sort of vi…
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Only if you’re doolally. Or an ostrich looking for sand to bury your head in. https://t.co/IyI2dEzeNK
RT @MarinaHyde: @chrissyteigen in an incredible feat of timebending, your 2019 reaction to it already exists in gif form https://t.co/D7XNV
What strange bedfellows Brexit brings. https://t.co/Mc8trHxjhP
There will be only one upside to her surving this vote. It will totally show Rees-Mogg what his colleagues think of… https://t.co/Vm4d390uNU
😂 the lies, the lies ... it’s exhausting https://t.co/ImK31PCZfB
I mean you really don’t believe this do you? You may wish it was true but you know it isn’t. Remember the ‘easiest… https://t.co/sIIhELAWLe
RT @nikeshshukla: Shout out to the ‘this never happened’ crew in advance but here we go: I’m walking up the stairs at a train station, eati…
@afneil In many countries, yes they do. It’s not unknown here.
No ownership. No accountability. Brexiters blaming everyone but themselves. https://t.co/icHDVgrbnT
@PaulbernalUK God yes, this and a thousand tones all you’ve said on this thread.
RT @PaulbernalUK: We Brits have got to stop this massive exercise in self-delusion. We’re not special. We’re not better than anyone else. W…
RT @JohnEdwards33: Hey Vince, no offence mate but you're the one who worked with the Tories for 5-years, flogged off our Post Office, ramme…
RT @michaelwhite: Worth posting this occasionally https://t.co/FAoNLSQN1C
RT @michaelwhite: Worth posting this occasionally https://t.co/FAoNLSQN1C