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RT @DillonJaden: Deja Vu w/ the old man at #Beychellahttps://t.co/hzoEze77PF
RT @RAVIEB: Beychella weekend 2. https://t.co/LVnHshED4c
A Queen! Omg! 😭😭😭 https://t.co/v95mWUbn3U
RT @Unkle_K: He also forced women including under age girls to sleep in beds with him naked so he could boast about self control
RT @Unkle_K: He was a proper dick sucker as well. He was happy to accept Europeans were superior but was disgusted at being “classed” as “l…
RT @Unkle_K: Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Gandhi’s wife die because he refused her using western medicine? Then when he fell ill he w…
RT @HKaczynski: PLEASE PUT POCKETS ON GIRLS PANTS. omg. My 3yo is SO ANGRY when she doesn't have pockets or the pockets are fake. She has T…
RT @wisdomgoals: Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. Your mind heals. Your happiness is going to come back. Bad times don…
@quasiadu CaTs ARe sWeEt AnImAlS https://t.co/r96n1MlSFD
@Cy_afc Next year it'll be my turn. Enjoy! I'm sure it's breathtaking
@quasiadu I'm a terrible person but idc. Those things are from hell. I don't feel bad for them 🤷🏾‍♀️
@Sugahunyicetea @Mzlianne Lol daavi cool down plix
RT @deezydothis: you’re putting in more effort into making people think you’re happy rather than actually being happy. stop it.
RT @LIBGyal: If jokes are just jokes why doesn't anyone make negative jokes about lightskinned women? Oh. https://t.co/NM3nIjaHYy
RT @dodo: Jonny has autism and had trouble connecting with anyone, and Xena was rescued from a rough life and was desperate for human affec…
RT @MyDaughtersArmy: This is Katherine Switzer. 50 years ago she became the first woman to run in a marathon. She signed her initials on…
🤣🤣🤣 I can only imagine. https://t.co/12y0U7mJts
@Mzlianne Hahahahaha best way. Enjoy!
@unklee_tonz Don't let satan win, beloved.
@Mzlianne Siiisss! Are you ok?! 😂😂😂