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RT @JustNanaAma: This is a little problematic. It suggests God allowed this Patience Osarfo to be brutalized to bless her. Almost like the…
RT @ICONOREOLUWA: I’ve watched this video like 6 times 😂🤣 https://t.co/zR09Bdx9T0
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 finished! https://t.co/kO340su4Nw
Lmaaaoooooo!!! Did the first dog somersault?! MsnsbajajabHabsvbaabaanaj https://t.co/aPiq5BP8Pu
RT @lajenniflor: *puts on foundation without primer* me : https://t.co/35xSZAs6V7
@DreThaJedi @YouTube 😂😂 are you going to pull another Wonder Woman and not allow us to hear word before and after i… https://t.co/jxYS1znITW
@stayne_ Shaddap please
RT @dog_rates: This is Ella. She made a new fren today. Wants to know if they can schedule a playdate. Of course you can. Both 13/10 would…
It’s 9pm??! Bloody hell!
RT @jesuisjoy_xo: Destiny’s Child: I know some soldiers in here 7 year old me: where they at ? where they at ? https://t.co/2fzsib5mhA
@The9thKing Like!!!
RT @_itssdesbtw: Father forgive me for even reading this in my head . 🤦🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/82XqKbJLtF
@DreThaJedi @YouTube When is it out?
RT @awkward_duck: I love a good ol’ thicc man. Type to sop you up like some pot liquor.
RT @Kobby_Skywalker: A cockroach in flight is a dragon. https://t.co/R3jgxw2mvn
RT @SeniorGirls1: do you ever just sit there & realize how bad ur posture is.. like wow I look like a fucking camel
RT @aghanaiangirl: Why are we comfortable with a society that only respects women who have money/ a husband who has money....isnt being a h…
RT @iamsashakae: girl I will call the next bitch myself. https://t.co/ovSR2AEeaW