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We have the greatest military in the world not just because we execute, but also because we fight smart. I hope… https://t.co/Zj1UJ8Ui6r
The actions and statements of @realDonaldTrump are inconsistent with that of an innocent person. https://t.co/QFZ46yMxt7
@smith_neue Correct. I was at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.
Apparently the US assisted #Saudi Coalition targeted the school bus in #Yemen because 2 Houthi leaders were suppose… https://t.co/VQpnPridub
Last week we took a family vacation out of the country. In the below picture, I am standing in front of a Gaya warr… https://t.co/KhtL524PPQ
RT @Redistrict: After today's changes, @CookPolitical rates 37 GOP-held seats as Toss Ups or more vulnerable (Lean/Likely Dem), nearly doub…
Why do more and more congressional district races lean away from GOP and toward Dems? Because voters have seen thei… https://t.co/G9BKfK71PS
The revocation by @realDonaldTrump of the security clearance of John Brennan is silly & vindictive. Brennan's criti… https://t.co/dIpcvL8Ia2
@ScottyLiterati @IronStache That's not correct. There were more total Democratic votes than Republican votes in thi… https://t.co/eFgJfYxzkS
Congratulations to veteran @danielfeehan for winning the #MI01 primary! https://t.co/HPF99OCHaB
Why is Dem candidate @AndyKimNJ leading incumbent GOP Congressman MacArthur in the latest poll? Because voters don'… https://t.co/UI2xViK4cm
Congratulations to Christine Hallquist for making history! Progress will not be stopped. https://t.co/NaW5BOt9oo
Congratulations to @IlhanMN for making history! This January she will be the first Somali-American sworn into Congr… https://t.co/axeG0w0YEI
Congratulations to veteran Randy Bryce for winning the #WI01 primary! Pleased to have been an early supporter of… https://t.co/tBR6zmwx28
My letter to @DoD_IG requesting an investigation into whether DoD personnel violated the Law of Armed Conflict, UCM… https://t.co/4aNvnlUuXl
Dear @GovMikeHuckabee: Welcome to California, which has now grown to the 5th largest economy in the world. And ac… https://t.co/R5WFjKrmIA
You don't have to be a prosecutor to know that it looks very bad to the jury when the defense doesn't present a cas… https://t.co/UbEZvCs1Tg
@nberlat First Amendment requires we let people march.
It would be horrific enough if this was the only airstrike by the US assisted #Saudi Coalition that killed civilian… https://t.co/sItDvxXPqg
On Feb 5, 2017 Gallup's tracking poll had @realDonaldTrump at 43% approval, 52% disapproval. A year and a half late… https://t.co/42srx3NmPh