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No one ever said hey, I support war crimes like murdering an unarmed girl & murdering unarmed captives. Until… https://t.co/OdIZcSFsSv
I don't disagree with you @paulwaldman1. I simply note that one reason Dems won the House and flipped every statewi… https://t.co/mmqWJ76ZSf
Hey @TheJusticeDept Barr: What rule allowed you to: 1. Mislead the people about the Mueller report. 2. Lie before… https://t.co/dIHIY9sQuO
RT @kylegriffin1: Rep. Ted Lieu: "When Don McGahn doesn't show up, when Bill Barr doesn't show up, we can't get any of these documents, the…
Rep. Porter is awesome. @SecretaryCarson is, um, exactly the opposite. According to the GAO, he broke the law by… https://t.co/MAqAxeQhOx
Dear @realDonaldTrump: Your poll numbers have dropped since you implemented maximum Obstruction of Congress. 57% di… https://t.co/54jqGFJc1a
RT @benraylujan: .@StopBigMoney is revolutionizing the fight to end dark money's toxic influence in our politics and elections. I'm incred…
Dear @ActingSecDef Shanahan: Let me make this easier for you. Do you think a US servicemember should murder an unar… https://t.co/quSTV831MU
What is Don McGahn hiding? What is @realDonaldTrump hiding from the American people? We will hold McGahn in contem… https://t.co/3iTiA3PI4Y
GOP Rep @DanCrenshawTX & I agree on this issue. @realDonaldTrump should trust military juries to do the right thing… https://t.co/Z9jK390BnZ
RT @RepTedLieu: WATCH HERE: Asked some questions about #ObstructionOfJustice during last week's @HouseJudiciary hearing on Executive Privil…
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Trump dishonors the military he claims to love https://t.co/Yq0kYzMlbj
RT @votevets: Donald Trump is betting that civilians will not realize how strongly those of us who served are opposed to pardoning people f…
RT @OrcuttSean: @votevets Army for 8 years. Iraq Combat veteran. These men are unworthy to wear the flag. Pardoning them insults all of us…
Not all @FoxNews programming is the same & not all Fox viewers are the same. There are moderate Republicans, indepe… https://t.co/uSMkmZLj0l
Dear @TomiLahren: Our military personnel are brave, patriotic & smart. I've tried multiple cases before military ju… https://t.co/08JLfr1jA9
As more and more damning evidence against @realDonaldTrump comes into public view, it becomes clear why he is hidin… https://t.co/XBhcTBpSH4
@glennkirschner2 Thanks. I just sent a new tweet because I misspelled series.
As a former active duty JAG, I know the main purpose of the UCMJ is to impose good order & discipline, which Washin… https://t.co/SDAvhUIlgL