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Democrats continue to get net increases in ratings changes in targeted congressional districts. But none of this… https://t.co/innIlfdpx1
Watching this made me smile. You will too. https://t.co/LsrPovHEMP
Dear Senator @JeffFlake: Um, your party and votes cast by GOP elected officials enable the lies of @realDonaldTrump. https://t.co/V3ZIEZoVUS
These are good numbers for Democrats with about two weeks left before the midterm elections. But none of it matte… https://t.co/7edRpnB6yP
RT @YemenPeaceNews: This deserves a lot of attention and support from arms control advocates, from @tedlieu & @RepMcGovern. https://t.co/YI
RT @Ocasio2018: “People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.” - Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt,…
@PatrickRuffini Kowtowing to Putin at the Helsinki Summit was not normal.
With 15 days before the midterm elections, these are good poll numbers for Democrats. But none of this matters if… https://t.co/FyF69SVReE
@JoseMolinaTV @RepMaxineWaters @NancyPelosi @AdamSchiff There are two ways to fight this. Sue in court, and help us flip the House.
After watching numerous videos of @AndrewGillum at the #FLGovDebate, it's clear to me why he is ahead by 12 points… https://t.co/wqtyWeouf8
@ReaganBattalion @RepSwalwell I watched a very exciting game on TV between the Los Angeles @Chargers and the Tennessee Titans today.
@TruthisnotT I have won 11 elections and lost once.
@r2d2usa1776 I try not to be a Browns fan, but I can't help it.
@FERRUMIRONWORKS Unlike the Browns organization, voters get to decide every two years if they want to retain me or… https://t.co/17B719bYsl
These are good poll numbers for Dems in Florida. Andrew Gillum doing well also helps all Dem congressional candidat… https://t.co/M3xPL3mKPn
With 36 losses and 3 wins, Browns coach Hue Jackson no longer gets the benefit of the doubt. He should have been fi… https://t.co/QBaGzk0qOP
RT @ACampaNajjar: Recorded a fight song for our campaign for America! Please listen and share. #IBelieveWeWill 🇺🇸 I’m on vocals, written b…
Congratulations to the Los Angeles @Chargers for a thrilling victory in London over the Tennessee Titans. https://t.co/Sg8s98WECi