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RT @tictoc: “There is no excuse for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. It's a failure of Donald Trump,” @tedlieu told us as t…
@Uncle_Jimbo @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi Egypt wasn't part of the trip. It was 5 days not 7. Stopover in Brusse… https://t.co/bWLqzqfvxV
Dear GOP Rep Mike Turner: You and I serve in the House of Representatives, which the Framers constituted first unde… https://t.co/pnDzPVJsLQ
@RealSaavedra Thank you for asking.
Dear @RealSaavedra: Twitter didn't hold a training session. The Democratic Policy & Communications Committee did &… https://t.co/XoIRT6RaGB
TRANSLATION: @SecNielsen lied to the American people when she said there was no family separation policy. (This is… https://t.co/ktvxzBC7kk
@MarkDice @Twitter This was about using Twitter for official accounts, not campaign accounts.
@MarkDice @Twitter I served on active duty in the US military to defend your right to blatantly mischaracterize my… https://t.co/zJKTm2eyQL
RT @votevets: .@SpeakerPelosi: Thank you for planning a visit to Afghanistan as one of your first trips, as Speaker, this Congress. It is…
Dear Secretary @stevenmnuchin1: Trump denied Speaker Pelosi from taking a military aircraft to a war zone to thank… https://t.co/LZKPjEbRsl
RT @CNNnewsroom: "First, let me thank CNN for putting Rudy Giuliani on TV," says Rep. @TedLieu, reacting to Chris Cuomo's interview in whic…
Dear #GOP legislators: GOP Rep Tom Marino resigned in the middle of a government shutdown caused by… https://t.co/NYg3e4Hk7j
Will be on @CNNnewsroom at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET today.
Dear Liberty University: Is this what the "Liberty" means in your name? @LibertyU https://t.co/uW87vaavMh
@JackPosobiec Is the Jack Posobiec in this article (as well as many other articles about pizzagate) a different per… https://t.co/sNuwaMdVgv
@wallerABC7 @Google I need to retake the class.