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Irish Freedom Party is fighting back to. https://t.co/UH2w5BLype
@_InThisTogether Brilliant letter though author fails to mention that Govt has indemnified itself to and that it ap… https://t.co/aF6p3RTUb6
@exinterplod @SystematicSoul @philelviswilson Agreed, though what if those civil procedures fail us. What do we do… https://t.co/YdfX9HGeVa
@SystematicSoul @exinterplod @philelviswilson Hi. Thank you. Am familiar with two of the items and I’ll take a look… https://t.co/3IaLPhlFbO
“Make no mistake we are now all the enemy of the state”. 👇 https://t.co/JCoSur1W2E
I’m doing exactly the opposite of any of these ludicrous ‘recommendations’. https://t.co/1lhPZexFq7
@VanessaGray999 How comes these stupid fckers never refer to grandad. 😂
“This is insidious propaganda. Technically you can carry (have) SARS-CoV-2, or any other #coronavirus , among the t… https://t.co/IEOgaWOqYm
@drsimonegold @adler_adlergabe Thank you Dr Gold. Here in England Chris Whitty, Public Health England, informed us… https://t.co/2AblM5sdj3