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Here’s the official lyrics video for our Lego Movie 2 end credits song w @beck & @robynkonichiwa
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RT @Sethrogen: I highly recommend watching #Pen15 on Hulu. It’s hysterical and wonderful.
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RT @sethmeyers: It was a delight to meet Maya and Anna yesterday and their show is great.
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@nothing_woman @netflix What country are you watching in?
@louvedb99 They are
10 years ✨🥳😢
RT @beck: 'Super Cool' new song from Beck for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part end credits. Featuring @robynkonichiwa and @thelonelyisland
RT @sethmeyers: It's stupid how excited I am when there is a new @thelonelyisland song.
We helped make a song for the end credits of @TheLEGOMovie 2 with @beck and @robynkonichiwa!!