tomwalkerisgood (@tomwalkerisgood)

@meladoodle Stop namesearching Mel
Sekiros good. Haven't gotten to horse man yet but love that my mistakes effect others instead of me - just don't get sick, losers
@jordbrookes Rising Sun Workshop is a cool place in Newtown, they do ramen and coffee and both are great
@guy_mont What a talented young man!!!
Come show Sydney!! It good now
Turning my blood off has crashed the game. There's nothing in the nice man I play now
Gamer mode: engaged. yes one of my lenses has fallen out. yes I still have it
My fave show of Melbourne, please go see it Sydney! So good, so so funny
@garbage__faerie It's true
Haters who say I will never buy sekiro will be proven wrong in approx 5 mins
Praying in the squat rack. Using the barbell to hold my knees firmer to earth and my thoughts closer to God
@jacquipicone do it!!!
@adamhess1 Very stoked for this
@jlukeroberts @BerksNest @AssemblyFest this is the most JLR-worded threat there's ever been
Loved this show go see it thanks
@figgled @BerksNest @AssemblyFest Okay bitch!!! Is this okay to say
RT @prawn_meat: saw two of my fav ever comedy shows tonight. please watch sam campbell & @PaulWilliams_12 "australia vs new zealand magic c…
@GarethWaugh Yiiieeewwww (this is a thing we yell)
@SamOliverLees I know it for smart person reasons. Will not answer further questions