tomwalkerisgood (@tomwalkerisgood)


@pcpvegeta Too scared of the alpha
RT @pattymo: The reaction shot at :13 is unbelievably pure. Laugh out loud funny
@aaronch3n So cool you've got a side hustle re-homing tiny plastic baggies dude
@josierustle Mate that is so lovely, thanks for coming and thanks for tweeting about it 🥰🤡🥰
@rainbowplethora Being treasured back would help but at this point I'll take what I can get
Can't wait to be accepted into someones confidence. I long to betray a treasured friend
@UnkarPluttVEVO He rules. Nothing better than a wide man who loves movies
Never been but imo these are LA and New York respectively
I love Berk's Nest, my producers for four years, everyone involved is a star
@Kkkkkirsty_ I'll tell them to keep an eye out for sweaty latecomers and let them in!
@tombilske Nothing new!! But there was a 9 year old let in last night which was Not Ideal
@katbuckle @DemiLardner Thank u for honouring our preshow selves jiggling request 🥰🤡🥰
When people talk about the classic "New York slice" they're talking about, you guessed it, bread