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RT @Delta: Delta is reaching out to the NRA to let them know we will be ending their contract for discounted rates through our group travel…
These are the people who are critical of our youth.
@kilmeade Don’t ever delete this
I read your earlier tweet. You are a racist.
RT @H_Combs: This is not a gun for hunting. It is a gun mass murderers use to hunt down and slaughter people. #BanAssaultWeapons https://t…
You got owned by a high school junior. Tony 2:23
Teachers are so underpaid. It really disturbs me that the only time I heard more money offered is for carrying a…
@FoxNews @BarackObama More popular OPINION- FOX News is horrible.
Trump should never make phone calls to victims or to the families of victims.
@shannonrwatts See...people with guns are rational.
Liberal teens- Use wit and logic to own conservatives. Conservative teens- Wear a diaper and boycott a soldout Bro…
@NastyWoman057 That’s the opening ceremony.
Does Donald Trump Light the Tiki Torch at the closing ceremonies at CPAC?
Maybe you should just shut up and dribble.
In support of the NRA it is rumored that Scott Baio will shoot finger guns after every 12 inch Sweet Onion Chicken…
RT @MrTommyCampbell: It’s fantastic that so many companies are severing ties with the NRA, but when will politicians? #BoycottNRA #NRABloo
@IngrahamAngle She should have made fun of Marco for being short like adults do...right?