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@sehurlburt Even more mind boggling. My kid does this! All the time!
RT @cmccarrick: Listening to @umanagineer give a talk about overcoming a career plateau @TheLeadDev SF meetup at @thoughtworks
Along my favourite tools. I reference this post all the time!
Desi WhatsApp is going to be insufferable with the Google announcement ... proactively muting all my family groups
RT @embrein: Climate change is, and needs to be, the fight of our time. This #GivingTuesday, @reinpk and I are matching up to $25,000 to no…
@visakanv @maiab As a parent completely agree. I’m also waiting for to launch adult clothes ... @hunterwalk ?
@maiab It’s based on averages and the parents figure out the rest 🤷🏻‍♀️
@maiab My 5 - almost 6 year old would love this. But also unlikely that an average size grown woman would fit in it sorry 😂
This description of therapy and reasons to go resonated so much
@IDoTheThinking Agree. The Bay Area should really be governed as one larger unit with voting for housing, transit e…
@djhoffma Posting in work channel FYI 😂
@Gmanfunky Nah there was no excuse. Also my twitter feed shows prior history 😂
@susanthesquark My worst burns are from my kid. One from this week. School worksheet prompt for ‘I love’ completed…
@ranjanxroy I’m just waiting for the documentary
Yep! Happens very often to me as well. And this is particularly good writing on the subject.
@hunterwalk Jeeves the butler kind as a Service?