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@michael_nielsen @paulg Northanger Abbey is the most skillful of her works. Highly recommend.
@IDoTheThinking Lack of funds and also doesn’t get used. Anecdotally I’ve heard that a lot of traffic is parents dr…
@qkate Atleast not skunks which I totally see in my backyard 🙅🏻‍♀️ !
@jmover I call it competitive SF parenting 😂🙄 wait until the various events start ...
Accomplishment of the day. Introducing a group of people I respect to the word ‘yeet’ 😂
@matthewstoller The BBC is the source I go to right now. As others have pointed out the Indian media is either muzz…
@kf @tileapp Uggh I’m sorry! I’ve had good luck I guess 😔
@kf @tileapp Have you seen eshakti? Custom sizes and pockets by default!
@visakanv ‘The man who knew infinity’ was a pretty good book based on his life.
@tarstarr Not the first time I find interesting work stuff on Twitter but this may be the most impactful!
@csallen Bookstores, libraries, grocery stores/local markets are my favourites
@chofter I’ve only seen the movie around half a dozen times 😂
People watching at airport arrivals continues to be delightful - if only it wasn’t so long and unpredictable at SFO ...
@arshia__ I can't imagine how things must be. It sounds pretty terrible and depressing from the limited news 🤗
@qkate Saw this too late but we can hang out the next time. Also I’ve found new Indian place in the hood that’s pretty good too!
@strategiclee Glad to hear he’s better!
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