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I was in Butembo #DRC just last month and saw the heroic work doctors, nurses and health workers are doing to beat… https://t.co/qKKvOq1oiP
Shocked and outraged at the killing of a @WHO epidemiologist in a hospital attack in Butembo #DRC today. Dr. Richar… https://t.co/2NFrxJEVWE
Wishing Chag Same’ach to everyone celebrating Passover tonight.
RT @UNICEF: Devastating floods in Iran affect 10 million people and leave nearly 1 million children in need of aid. https://t.co/6fsLdktRDL
“Finally, our dream came true! We are so proud to help people in our community,” says Yassin, 23, one of the winner… https://t.co/Tt6fBGG9uk
The Rohingya refugee crisis is one of the fastest growing humanitarian crises in the world. Last month, I visited B… https://t.co/QuGbShGipf
I join the UN family in Bangladesh & all Bangladeshis in calling for justice for Nusrat, who was brutally killed fo… https://t.co/pTlf88NQex
Killing, injuring and recruiting children, and attacks on education, medical and water facilities are all grave vio… https://t.co/lG8TSmdUEr
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#ThrowbackThursday to a boy holding a blanket supplied by @UNICEF in Castoria, Greece in 1950. At the time, UNICEF… https://t.co/Fz2pbKGHry
Meet AndroMeta, one of the global winners of the #GenUnlimited Youth Challenge. The team are developing a new app t… https://t.co/cMG814J3Le
A pleasure to welcome @MinisterPeterE on his first visit to @UNICEF. Sweden is an unwavering advocate and champion… https://t.co/sBS2xj19E2
"I love math & science. People sometimes try to scare me by saying that the subjects will get even more difficult,… https://t.co/08bBseB9rz
Did you know the population in the Middle East & North Africa region is expected to double during the first half of… https://t.co/5flNhkHl8R
We're worried not only because measles can be so severe - it still causes over 100,000 deaths every year - but also… https://t.co/Rwfh57V6eX
Here's how the technology sector can do good and do good business. https://t.co/AHILnJeW30 https://t.co/4M2IClxJKQ
We are in the middle of a global measles crisis. Children are paying the price for complacency. #VaccinesWorkhttps://t.co/mSB2zqzYyc
My #MondayMotivation comes from the winners of the #GenUnlimited Youth Challenge. I am proud of their drive and det… https://t.co/i2djG4fWKb
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